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Earn free robux!

By memcorrupt, May 25, 2019

We've released our site to earn free robux.

You can do offers to get free robux and purchase robux.

The site is made by Pain and I.

If you're interested please click the link on the right side.

New kahoot stuff!

By memcorrupt, May 19, 2019

We've updated our kahoot tools in order to allow to you to many more OP things.

You'll be able to do many new things such as add bots and spoof yourself as winner!

If you'd like to find the tool you can check the right side of the site.

New discord!

By memcorrupt, Jan 20, 2018

We've created a new discord so that we will be able to communicate with you guys real time when we release new software.

We're proud to announce our new discord because it'll allow our great community to come together and bond as a community

You can access the discord by clicking the link on the right side of the page.

My hearing aids got called "fake airpods".

By Asoi, Dec 19, 2017

Ok, so i've had hearing problems since i was about 6-7 years old. When i turned 14, i got hearing aids. I got BTE hearing aids (behind the ear) and just recently i got in-canal hearing aids. So, these kinda look like the galaxy bud things that Samsung released. Once i got them, i was a lot less conscious of them. So, when i went to school with them on, nobody really seemed to notice. During 2nd period, i put my hair up cause my art class was using acrylic paints. So, this kid who was walking past me to refill his water cup, stopped, looked at me and tapped me on the shoulder. "You know, those aren't real airpods, right?". Me, obviously confused, took a second to process what he just said. "These are hearing aids. I kinda need them to, you know, hear". He was embarrassed. He just kinda... slowly walked away i guess. I'm not really sure how to put it.

My very first time ordering pizza

By JumbleMonster, Nov 12, 2017

This happened about a year ago. I made a phone call and ordered two pizzas from dominoes. When it was delivered, the dude handed me the pizza boxes, I said “thank you” and tried to close the door. He said “wait I need you to sign the receipt”

I said “oh, haha, sorry” I opened the door, he handed me the receipt so that I could sign it, and I spent about 10 seconds trying to get ink to come out of the pen. I said “uhm I don’t think it works” He then pointed out to me that I had to click the pen to open it.

I said “oh.. ok I got it now” it then took me about 30 seconds to sign the receipt, in the middle of that 30 seconds, he broke the awkward silence by saying “that pizza smells pretty good” I finished signing my name, handed him the receipt, said “you too!” And closed the door.

I decided not to order any more pizza for a while.

My mum and I did the exact same thing at the exact same time without knowing it. We live 3500km away from each other

By HumbleBunny, Oct 8, 2017

So the other day I was watching this documentary on Netflix. Just as it's finishing I message my mum recommending it to her as I felt it was something she would like. She replied saying she has 4 minutes left on the show. I look down and see I have 3 minutes and 58 seconds remaining.

She lives 3500km away from me and we didn't speak before hand. We had both decided to watch the exact same documentary within 5 seconds of each other! I'm still spinning out about this.

Abused power as teacher

By DarknessTeach, Sept 19, 2017

My first job after college was as a math teacher. Aside from flipping bottles and dabbing (to give you a sense of the time period), my students actually engaged in some shenanigans that my generation (which wasn't too far off from theirs) obsessed over: slap neck. You know...whenever you got one of your friends to look at a particular sign made by your hand - forefinger and thumb connect while the other three fingers protrude out - then you had a pass to slap their neck. One of my students "got me," and my instant reaction was to yell "self-serve." my students felt comfortable playing this game with me and for an entire week I had to struggle, with my already sever immaturity, to get the class to stop trying to "get me" and focus on the lessons. Despite my attempt to regain order, I would NOT look at their hands. Hell no. They weren't going to get me again. Need help with a problem? Slide the paper over and walk away...

Okay. I got caught a couple of times and even let some of my student slap my neck. No issue. I'd get them all back. A test was coming up and I was reviewing the material with them via a projector. We got to the last problem and I told my students that what I'm about to show them is super important, but that I will only show the entire class if everyone is looking at the board. Students get tense during test reviews and don't want to miss out on any material. The class all collaborated and ensured that their neighbors, even the slackers, were looking at the board.

"I don't know guys...I can't show you yet until I'm sure everyone is looking."

"Oh come on man, look at the board, I ain't finna make B cuz of you!" "We are all looking Mr. ****!"

The room was full of energy. Eager eyes on the board.

When I finally felt that all of them were looking at the board, I projected that slap neck sign on the board and yelled "no self serve." Boom...slapped all 25 necks and then threatened to write anyone up who dared to play that game in my class thereafter.

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