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Luraph - The #1 Lua script obfuscator!

By memcorrupt, Dec 27, 2023

Luraph is a Lua script obfuscation service. If that was completely undecipherable, let me explain.

Lua is a scripting language that is commonly embedded into software to allow plugins or mods to be added without the overhead of constantly having to repackage the program. The language is easy to learn, fast, and small.

Some examples of software that has used Lua are:

- Adobe Lightroom: plugins to allow complex behavior in image-editing
- Angry Birds: levels and behaviors scripted in Lua
- World of Warcraft: enhancing game behavior through scriptable mods
- Roblox: metaverse game creation
- Garry's Mod: sandbox game content creation
- car behavior for very realistic car physics simulation game engine
- X-Plane: content and behavior for realistic flight simulation
- Wireshark: scripting to decode obscure network traffic for interpretation by cybersecurity professionals
- (and more!)

Lua is considered to be the leading choice in video games, and has also been used by many programs that power the internet such as Nginx, Redis, Apache, Cisco, FreeBSD, and HAProxy.

However, the long standing issue of piracy and intellectual property theft applies to Lua just as much as it does to other programming languages, and even many other types of copyrighted work. The problem is even worse with scripting languages like Lua, as they are usually distributed as original source code, instead of being compiled into a binary format that omits vital information that allows humans to understand its functionality.

Luraph employs various advanced techniques stemming from our virtualization software, which converts original scripts uploaded to our platform to a format only understood by the hardened Lua Virtual Machine (VM) scripts generated by the platform. With our proprietary LVM and other techniques to prevent reverse engineering, it is impossible to obtain the exact original script, and immensely difficult for attackers to extract useful data.

Check it out here: Luraph - Lua Script Obfuscator

Earn free robux!

By memcorrupt, May 25, 2019

We've released our site to earn free robux.

You can do offers to get free robux and purchase robux.

The site is made by Pain and I.

If you're interested please click the link on the right side.

New kahoot stuff!

By memcorrupt, May 19, 2019

We've updated our kahoot tools in order to allow to you to many more OP things.

You'll be able to do many new things such as add bots and spoof yourself as winner!

If you'd like to find the tool you can check the right side of the site.

New discord!

By memcorrupt, Jan 20, 2018

We've created a new discord so that we will be able to communicate with you guys real time when we release new software.

We're proud to announce our new discord because it'll allow our great community to come together and bond as a community

You can access the discord by clicking the link on the right side of the page.

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